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Dream ღ ~001~

Warnings: None~ /o/
Dream Effects: (OPTIONAL) Love, embarrassment, more love and at peace. Did I mention love?

That which is love in its purest form...Collapse )


[Yuno is slow to wake feeling wonderful from that dream. He smiled at him in her dream and wanted to go stargazing with her! That in itself was enough to boost her spirits and hope for the moment. But she notices the light of the Dreamberry showing that it was on. It took her a small second before she reached out for it and shut the feed off.]

Profile Meme

[Character Name] Yuno Gasai
[Canon] Mirai Nikki
[Point Taken from Canon] Middle of chapter 36

[Age] 16
[Gender] Female
[Sexual Orientation] Yukiteru sexual

[Eye Color] Light red
[Hair Color] Pink
[Other] N/A

Rest under the cut.Collapse )

App for somarium

[Player name] Rel
[Age] 20
[Personal Journal] zyarei
[Other characters currently played]
Emil Castagnier / Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World / foreversorryorz
Neku Sakuraba / The World Ends With You / ifeelsoepic

Serious case of deep loveCollapse )